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“Successful Navigation of Your FAA Flight Physical” Hangar Flying Session

“Successful Navigation of Your FAA Flight Physical” Randle Corfman, PhD, MD, Great Planes Flight Physicals Presenting for your aviation medical examination can be a very stressful event. It is important […]
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“Carburetor Icing: When Hell Freezes Over” Hangar Flying Session

“Carburetor Icing: When Hell Freezes Over” Darrell Bolduc, Bolduc Aviation Services Many of us fly carbureted engines, be they Lycoming or Continental, and it is important to understand how carburetor […]
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“Cirrus Aircraft Corporation Update” Hangar Flying Session

“Cirrus Aircraft Corporation Update” Gary Black, Cirrus Aircraft Corporation We are very fortunate to have Cirrus Aircraft Corporation right here in Minnesota! Gary will highlight the history of Cirrus, as […]
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“Unmanned Aircraft Systems-Defining Moments…” Hangar Flying Session

“Unmanned Aircraft Systems-Defining Moments in Aviation History” Jonathan Beck, Northland Community College The history of aviation is rich in innovation and passion from adventurous souls, thrill seekers, engineers and dreamers. […]
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“What’s New at AOPA” Hangar Flying Session

“What’s New at AOPA” Mark Baker, AOPA The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has been very active in preserving pilot’s rights and in promoting aviation around the world. A description […]
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“What Kind of Pilot Runs Out of Gas” Hangar Flying Session

“What Kind of Pilot Runs Out of Gas” Mike Adams, AVEMCO Fuel mismanagement is one of the leading causes of pilot-related aviation accidents. Mike will share his own story and […]
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MN Pilot Assn Members Sign Up For Altitude Chamber!

The FAA’s portable “altitude chamber”, or more precisely the portable reduced oxygen training enclosure (PROTE), will be a terrific opportunity for pilots at the 2015 GMAG to experience hypoxia in […]
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Flight Expo’s “Build A Plane” Campaign

Sharon Sandberg, with Flight Expo, Inc., asks that we reach out to those who might be willing to contribute to their “Build a Plane” campaign.  Please take a moment to […]
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3rd Class Medical Reform May Come in January 2015!

Dan Carroll, one of our Board Members, sent this to me and asked me to post it.  This would be terrific news, folks. Expect third class medical reform in 2015 […]
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Aviation Fuel Tax Revenues to Go Directly to Aviation

MN Pilots Association Board Member Gregg Strathy has been working with the Minnesota Council of Airports (MCOA), and has provided the following communication from the FAA.  Please take a look […]
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