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March 29, 2015

“Successful Navigation of Your FAA Flight Physical” Hangar Flying Session

“Successful Navigation of Your FAA Flight Physical”

Randle Corfman, PhD, MD, Great Planes Flight Physicals

Presenting for your aviation medical examination can be a very stressful event. It is important to “preflight” for your flight physical, just as it is to preflight before initiating a flight. Several aspects of the preparation will be discussed, including successful completion of the FAA MedXPress online Form 8500. Tips will be offered which will make this process less stressful. A discussion of recent changes in the certification process, including body mass index, will be presented.

Randy Corfman is a physician and pilot who incorporates his love of practicing medicine with his love of aviation. A 5,000 hour commercial rated pilot, he holds instrument, multiengine and seaplane ratings. He flies a Cessna T210 across the upper Midwest to provide onsite consultations, and a Piper Super Cub for “real flying”. Randy grew up on a Kansas farm, watching airplanes flying overhead into and out of Wichita for as long as he can remember. He serves as an aviation medical examiner, in addition to his practice as a reproductive endocrinologist. Randy hosts “Medical Matters” on, a forum in which a variety of medical topics are discussed, as they relate to aviation. He is president and founding member of the Minnesota Pilots Association and a long term member of EAA and AOPA. Randy’s wife, Julie, and family appreciate and enjoy aviation and he is looking forward to getting his grandchildren into the friendly skies.

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