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March 29, 2015

"Carburetor Icing: When Hell Freezes Over" Hangar Flying Session

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“Carburetor Icing: When Hell Freezes Over”

Darrell Bolduc, Bolduc Aviation Services

Many of us fly carbureted engines, be they Lycoming or Continental, and it is important to understand how carburetor ice forms, how to detect carburetor icing and how to prevent the condition from occurring. Darrell is such an amazing asset for us here at the GMAG, as he leads the crew at Bolduc Aviation to maintain and overhaul aircraft engines. You will not want to miss this enlightening presentation by a giant in the field of engine maintenance and performance.

Darrell Bolduc has been the owner of Bolduc Aviation, an FAA approved power plant repair station, for 35 years. He has been an A&P for the past 47 years and an IA for 39 years. Darrell holds a Private Pilot certificate with single/multi engine, seaplane, and instrument ratings. Over the years, Darrell has owned several airplanes including a Cessna 185, for 29 years, which he has flown on wheels, skies, and floats.

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