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April 3, 2015

“Understanding Light Sport Aircraft” Hangar Flying Session

“Understanding Light Sport Aircraft”

John Melchert, Omnav Aviation

The advent of light sport aviation has been a very important avenue that is chosen by many pilots, and for a number of reasons. John will highlight and discuss some of the unique aspects of light sport aviation, including airframe and powerplant and safe operation of the light sport aircraft. For many of us, light sport aviation has been a wonderful way for us to keep flying when we choose to step back from private pilot operations.

John Melchert was born and raised in Minnesota and has always had a passion for airplanes and aviation. He built and flew radio control models as a child and continues this hobby today. John has been flying full-scale planes since beginning flight lessons at the age of 15 at Crystal Airport’s Crystal Shamrock. Today he flies Cessna 172s, 182s, and 210s as an instrument rated private pilot with the Twin City Cloud 7 flying club located at Flying Cloud airport. John worked most of his adult life as a software engineer, retiring recently from his role as an owner and vice president of his firm. Over the years however John has built and helped others build experimental amateur built aircraft, including Pulsars and an RV-10. John is an FAA certified Light Sport Aircraft Repairman with a Maintenance Rating (LSRM) and currently works with owners of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA’s) helping them with repair, maintenance and condition inspections.

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