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June 10, 2013

This Isn’t America

Secret program to stop pilots with no probable cause needs to stop.

By Robert Goye /Published: Jun 04, 2013

Photo by James Tourtellotte via Customs and Border  Patrol

You’ve probably read reports about innocent pilots arriving at their  destinations after long cross-country flights only to be greeted by squadrons of  police agents — from local cops to Homeland Security and who knows what other  agencies — to search and question them as though they were under arrest. Reports  we have heard of this program are that the agents do not answer questions about  why they made the “traffic stop.” The story has been reported by AOPA and  in The Atlantic by fellow pilot James  Fallows. As the story comes out, we’re getting more reports of  pilots being similarly detained and searched.
See the following AOPA link for the full story:
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