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January 22, 2014

Steve Thibault and Benjamin McQuillan recognized for Excellence by the FAA


Congratulations to Steve Thibault, flight instructor extraordinaire! Alan Hoffert, FAASTeam Program manager just announced that Steve has been selected as the 2014 Great Lakes Region Flight Instructor of the Year. We are delighted with the news of this award, and are also delighted to have Steve as a board member here at the MN Pilots Association. Way to go, Steve!

Steve will be speaking at the Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering March 21-22.  Please plan to attend the Hangar Flying sessions at which he will present.

Not to be outdone, Benjamin McQuillan has been recognized by Alan Hoffert and the FAA as the 2014 Minnesota FAASTeam Representative of the Year. For those of you who have enjoyed the FAAST presentations, you must know that the FAAST representatives put in a lot of work and effort to help keep pilots safely in the air. Congratulations, Benjamin, for your work with the FAASTeam.

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