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January 2, 2014

Potential Topics for "Hangar Flying Forums" at the MN Aviation Gathering

The following is a list of potential topics for the Hangar Flying forums, and we hope you will take a moment to review these and let us know which you might be interested in attending.  While we will not be able to offer all, we do hope to choose a variety of subjects that will appeal to those who attend the Gathering.  Please take a moment to email your thoughts to [email protected].  Thank you!

Ski Plane Operations...Enjoying the Frozen North

Seaplane Operations...Beginnings

Engine TBO and beyond

Single Pilot IFR

Hot Air Balloons...Basic Concepts

Surviving Your Aviation Medical Examination

Preparing For Your FAA Checkride

Emergency Underwater Egress...How to Circa Survive

Cockpit Resource Management

How to Become An Old, Bold Pilots

Causal Factors for Loss of Control

Short Field and Soft Field Operations

Flying with Your iPad...the Electronic Flightbag

Cold Weather Operations...Engine Management

Angle of Attack...What Does That Mean to Me?

Choosing a Flight Instructor...Lessons Learned

Light Sport Aviation...Current State of Affairs

Understanding Control Tower Operations

Drones, Planes and Automobiles...Who Has the Right of Way

Establishing a "Friends of the Airport" Group.

Pancake Breakfasts and Your Airport.

Family Flying...How to Flight Plan a Terrific Outing in MN

Incorporating Aviation in Your Schools

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