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July 12, 2013

MN Pilots Association to be represented at Detroit Lakes Pancake Breakfast

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Please seize the opportunity to attend a flyin event this weekend, folks!  As you can tell from the calendar, there are a number of excellent events to choose from, so crank up your aircraft and fly or drive to an event nearest you!

I will be attending the Detroit Lakes Pancake Breakfast (KDTL), and anticipate having a place to display our banner and meet people near the EAA table.  The EAA, lead by Dennis Jacobs, is sponsoring the event.

We are nearing time for opening memberships to the MN Pilots Association!  Our leadership team has finalized and approved Bylaws and the final details are being worked out for means of accepting memberships.  We are pleased to be able to offer a terrific looking hat with MN Pilots proudly displayed on the front, with "Founding Member" the back, at a reduced price.  In addition, we are preparing a terrific storefront for purchasing a number of items which will have our logo clearly displayed.

We look forward to your membership in MN Pilots!

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