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March 5, 2014

Mary Alverson seated on the Board of Directors

We are so pleased to announce that Mary Alverson has graciously accepted a position as a Board member at the Minnesota Pilots Association.

Mary Alverson

Mary Alverson is a native Minnesotan, born in Duluth Minnesota.  She is truly an adventurer, travelling around the world both personally and professionally, serving as a flight attendant for North Central Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines for 38 years.  She became the first married woman to become a flight attendant for North Central Airlines the same day that Barbara Wiley became the first female pilot for that airline.  Mary has gone on to distinguish herself flying professionally as a flight instructor and Captain, earning her CFI, CFII, MEI ratings, land and sea.  She is Cessna Caravan certified.  Most recently, she has been President of the Minnesota Seaplane Pilot’s Association, from 2009-2012.

We are so pleased to have Mary as a Board member.  Thanks, Mary!

Minnesota Pilots Association Logo
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