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September 17, 2013

AOPA "Weather" Presentation in Brooklyn Park

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Jim Peterson and I just attended an AOPA Air Safety presentation on "weather" in Brooklyn Park, presented by Andy Miller.  Alan Hoffert was there, too, and it was very well attended!  There will be one in St. Paul tomorrow, then in Rochester on Thursday evening.  I hope you will attend.  Andy and AOPA were kind enough to provide us space to display for MNPilots and we had a very warm reception by those in attendance.  It is great to see this many pilots turn out for an education session...speaks well for this great group of people!

MNPilots is being well-received in part, I think, because we fill the gap for those who are not involved with EAA, or with AOPA, and it is becoming very obvious to me that we partner quite nicely with both of these important organizations.  Andy was kind enough to elaborate on why MNPilots is important, specifically by being "present" more on the local level.

Many thanks to AOPA and Allen Hoffert and the FAA for their willingness to help get MNPilots off the ground!

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