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October 1, 2013

A Successful Launch of MNPilots Association

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We have been very pleased with the launch of memberships in MNPilots.  Thank you very much, for those of you who have joined.  Welcome!  We are currently working on plans for the First Annual Great Minnesota Aviation Gathering, to be held March 21-22, 2014 at the Golden Wings Air Museum.  Further, we are working with the FAA at a number of levels to encourage a good working relationship.  We are also working with the MNDOT Department of Aeronautics and the Minnesota Council of Airports to make sure that the voices of pilots and supporters of aviation in Minnesota are heard and well-represented.  I must say that the responses of these governmental agencies have been welcoming, and we will work to strengthen these important relationships.

For those of you who have not joined, or for those who have joined and have friends/colleagues who support aviation, please encourage them to consider joining our efforts.  There will be strength in numbers, and we need your support.  Thank you!

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