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December 16, 2015

I am so pleased to let you know that the Pilots Bill of Rights 2 passed the Senate tonight, and is on to the House of Representatives! Please take a look at the announcement from AOPA for details:


I can tell you that the leadership of the MN Pilots Association, thanks to your support, has worked hard to support this legislation and we are so thankful to Mark Baker and the leadership of AOPA for their tireless work in getting this passed through the Senate. We are very frustrated that neither of our Senators were helpful in supporting the S.571, but there were many Senators who were supportive from other States! Please contact your Representatives and urge them to support the companion bill.

This is such an important moment for aviation in our Country, and in Minnesota. Stay tuned for further developments, and if you haven't joined or supported AOPA and the MN Pilots Association, please take a moment to do so! Thank you!

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