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November 20, 2015

The Pelican Flyers have noticed that the Aeromedical Forum, in the Minnesota Flyer, published a bit of, shall we say, information that is perhaps not factual but rather editorial in nature.

Aeromedical Forum 10 2015 clip

As president of the MN Pilots Association, and as an aviation medical examiner myself, I agree with the sentiment that having periodic medical examinations is important for all of us, FAA required or not. I am unaware of the source of the percentages from which the author quotes, but to imply that the changes proposed in the PBR2 would increase fatal accidents is pure bull. This type of hyperbole is being spewed forth by those who might have an interest in preserving the status quo, in my humble opinion, and provide a disservice to pilots everywhere, not only in Minnesota. I am providing the verbage from the Flyer for your examination. Please communicate your feelings to the editors of the Minnesota Flyer and to the author.

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