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September 5, 2015

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Today I had the privilege of meeting with Noel Allard, who leads the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame, for a cup of coffee in Park Rapids, MN. Noel and I had the chance to share ideas on how the MN Pilots Association can help promote the Hall of Fame, and we had a wonderful meeting.

The MN Pilots Association leadership feels strongly that it is important to recognize and cherish those who have been instrumental in aviation in our state. We believe that it is important for young people to appreciate and be aware of the rich traditions we enjoy in aviation in Minnesota, and we salute the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame for the hard work and dedication they have shown and continue to show as they preserve and honor those who have made a positive impact upon aviation. What a rich tradition we enjoy in our state!

Noel Allard RSC

Thanks, Noel, for all you and your organization does. We appreciate you and the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame very much.

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